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The Full Functional Medicine Experience.

In Real Life, Video Call or Phone.

Functional Medicine is a way of healing, not just managing symptoms. It is a journey that you embark on to understand yourself at a much more intimate level than just a bunch of organs contained within another organ, the skin. It's sustainable because while I guide, you are an active participant, carving out a lifelong journey to better health. 

Below are some of the individual services that I offer, but if you are ready to put all of these services and tools together over a multi-month journey, click here to see what that journey could look like.

1. Consultations

We are not all the same. Everyone has a unique story, body and spirit. We have to understand that combination before we can move towards healthspan. 

Together let's uncover the issues and dream and scheme about the future. I will lead with a natural approach (think nuetraceuticals, herbals, vitamin and mineral supplements), incorporating my "conventional" medical training when appropriate.

2. Genetic Testing (Epigenetics)

We are discovering ways in which we can switch certain genes on and off according to the environment we provide these genes with.


The tests provide information that allow us to better understand your genetics, and, armed with that information, we can start to positively manipulate how your body functions. It is empowering to actively work with your biology to prevent disease and improve the way you feel on a daily basis.

See below link to review all the different DNA testings on offer and research the right one for you. 

3. Gut Microbiome Analysis

Let's start to understand something as complex as your brain: Your Gut. Via a company call Viome, this is a stool analysis that assesses your gut microbiome.

Whether it’s for resistant weight loss, disease prevention, or part of a recovery from an autoimmune disease, this is a valuable test to understand who you are. 

4. Intravenous Nutrition Therapies

I am excited to share that I now offer intravenous nutrition therapies.

Based on specific questionnaires, consultations, blood tests and genetic tests we can work together to create an individualised approach that will form part of treatment plans, disease prevention and performance support.


Your One-Hour Consultation Includes:

Pre-Analysis & Research

You send me an in-depth questionnaire before our consultation so that we can hit the ground running.

Time To Dream & Scheme

Most conventional visits to a doctor last 20 minutes. My initial consultation is typically one-hour, allowing us time to understand your past and where you dream of going.

An Explanation of Possible Tools

Together we review tools that we can use moving forward, whether labs, herbals, therapies or coaching.

Sharing of my protocols and resources where applicable 

After our consultation I may send you a particular protocol that may be applicable to and assist you on your health journey. I will provide reliable resources for you to engage with to further enhance your knowledge in a particular area when applicable. 

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