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Dr Rav's Personalised Medicine Journey

My philosophy is that there is no “quick fix” for optimal health. Each person needs to understand their body and provide it with what it needs. The focus is on diet and lifestyle inputs daily. Supplements are used when and if necessary or indicated.

Below are the six steps on a journey to better health that I walk with my patients.

1. Online Discovery Call

Is Functional Medicine right for you?

Is Functional Medicine for you? How will it benefit you? What are the changes that you can expect to experience in your life? What kind of time and money investment will be required? This is a free of charge 15-minute discovery call for you to see if the Functional Medicine approach is for you.

2. Initial Investigation

Where are you currently?

Where are you currently on your health journey? What’s good, what’s bad and what’s ugly? What don’t you understand, and what would you like to understand better? What are your historical challenges and what are your future intentions? This step includes pre-work, a 60-90 minute consultation  Price: R2354

3. Deep Investigation

What are the tests saying?

What are your blood results showing us? What does your metabolic health look like? Your DNA? Your gut microbiome? This step includes tests that allow us to dive deeper into your biology. This step of the process can happen all at once or over several months, depending on your available time and the financial investment that you would like to make. A multi-month process is recommended to allow information to be analysed step-by-step and to allow time for the patient to integrate practical changes.


1. Standard Blood Tests using our local laboratories - including food sensitivity and allergy testings, incl;uding environmental allergens, stool analysis, gluten and coelics investigations, hormone testing, comprehensive cardiovascular and metabolic screening


2. DNA testing -

3. Other specialised testing through Nordic laboratories - these will be individualised according to each case. Due to costs involved, I try get as much information using our local laboratories - including food sensitivity and allergy testings, including environmental allergens, stool analysis, gluten and coeliacs investigations, hormone testing, comprehensive cardiovascular and metabolic screening. 

4. Analysis

Do you understand your body better?

Depending on which tests have been chosen, between one and three consultations are required to analyse the test results and discuss how the patient can adapt their health plan (including medication, diet, lifestyle, supplementation, therapies, etc.) so that they are in a position to create better health. Between 30-45 minutes will be required to interpret your results together and discussion of a way forward. Price R1391 - R2087

5. Recommendation

Based on all the investigation, what steps will help you achieve a better quality of life?

Included in the price of the analysis (step 4) will be further recommendations as well as supplementation recommendations. At this stage, I may also prescribe my protocols, e.g., Anti-inflammatory diet guidelines, gut healing, etc. If supplements are needed, they are tailored to you according to your biological makeup and current health status. Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy protocols may also be recommended according to results. IV costs start at R1600 and will depend on your protocol 

6. Follow-Up & Adapt

Are you on track?

One complementary online 15-minute follow-up zoom call is included to ensure all questions or uncertainties are answered

Depending on your medical-aid cover, a portion of your medical consultation may be covered and my consultation invoices are medical-aid compliant. My consultation fees for 2023 are R570 per 15min and R1391 per 30 minutes.

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