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Life Coaching

Healing Body. MIND & SPIRIT

The unresolved stories, beliefs, and traumas that we carry can create disease in the body.

And yet so many people are still held back by one or more thoughts like these:


  • I don’t believe that my spiritual health affects my physical body.

  • I’m scared and I don’t even know where I’d start.

  • I’ll deal with that stuff by myself.

  • I’ve tried talking before and it didn’t work.

Here’s what I say to all of that: Greater mental (and spiritual) freedom leads to more love and care of the body. And the freedom that comes with a healthier body leads to greater incentive to want to start the process of whole-body healing, including “shifting old thoughts.” The body and the brain have a huge capacity to recover and reinvent.

Each of the healers (Life Coaches, Breathwork Practitioners, Sound Therapists, and one-on-one Yoga Instructors) that I work with has fundamentally helped my patients get closer to their MIND and SPIRIT, and therefore also their body.


Life Coaching with Ryan

Ryan is a Life Coach committed to clients as they work with life changes, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, and taking slow and steady steps towards freedom.

Ryan trained under the team of world-renowned sociologist, author and Life Coach, Martha Beck, who, for over 20 years, has helped people to come into integrity of being and “find their North Star.” Inspired by this foundation, Ryan’s approach is based on three principles:

  • Our bodies hold more wisdom than we can possibly imagine. Are we listening?

  • The brain (and its stories) is a tool of the spirit and heart, and not the other way round. Can we believe that and make it true?

  • Slow and steady progress wins the race. Where do we really want to go and where is our next step towards freedom, however small?

Ryan also specialises in Ketamine Assisted Therapy to treat depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. Ryan’s training in this field was through the Polaris Insight Centre in California and Dr. Rav James Inc. is a registered member of the American Ketamine Society of Practitioners.

Ryan’s clients describe the transpersonal nature of Ketamine Assisted Therapy as “life-changing” and Ryan’s current interest focuses on psychospiritual growth, the mind-body connection, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.


How do I book a Life Coaching session?

Ryan's method is slow, steady and fun. So expect some journaling, some promises to yourself, and plenty of wiggling of stagnant thoughts. A package of six Life Coaching sessions is R4800 (R800 per session). The sessions can either be on Zoom or in-person.

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