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Winding Roads

My areas of interest 

I love working with any dis-ease or disorder that is presented. I work to understand and uncover together with you, why you are at this point in your health journey, no matter how long or short that may be. I collaborate with any other specialists your may be working with where appropriate, and will consider all previous tests that may have been done. See below on some of the areas I mostly work with. 

Tropical Leaves

Understanding and working with your biology 

Functional medicine 

Autoimmune disease 

Gut health 

Hormone health 

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

Hormone health 

Oncology support 

weight management 

Health assessment and disease prevention 

Consultation for your employee 

Once a week, I offer a reduced consultation price of R285 for any employees for existing patients. I work with the local labs to ensure reduced lab costs for those patients who do not have medical aid. 

Food is medicine 

Private cooking classes 

Group cooking classes 

Remedy bar 

Advanced testing 


Local laboratories - Ampath and Lancet 

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