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Video: Tahini Prepared by my Cousin

All the way from Israel, the video below (scroll down) is of my beautiful cousin, Chen, in her kitchen showing us how to make tahini that can be drizzled over just about anything.

If you’re like me and my family, you love something poured or dolloped over salads and greens. Hummus is an option, but our favourite is tahini, which is one of the main ingredients of hummus.

So tahini is the paste of crushed sesame seeds. It’s quite thick and has a strong flavour prior to “loosening” it up and adding some key friendly ingredients, which is what the video below demonstrates how to do.

The antioxidants in tahini, sesamin and sesamolin, are extremely potent and research shows that they inhibit cholesterol production in the body and reduce inflammation (one study shows how these antioxidants inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines).

Also, tahini is packed with healthy polyunsaturated fat and is a great source of calcium. So when me and Ryan just feel like a salad or something light, we pair it with tahini so that we’re getting a more balanced meal. We have it on our dinner table at least four nights out of seven.

Here’s #badass cousin Chen showing us how to prepare tahini. And I'll be testing everyone on the correct way to pronounce tahini, so pay careful attention!

I normally get our tahini from Spar or Dischem, and most boutique health shops will stock it too. Let me know how it goes for you.

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